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  • Netflix app update for Windows PCs will ditch downloads and offline viewing but give you stuff you never wanted. May 21, 2024
    In the past few weeks, users have received notifications on their Netflix Windows indicating that a new update is coming. The update will ship with many new features and quality-of-life improvements, including support for watching live events, improved streaming quality, compatibility with ad-supported plans, and more. Wait – who wants any of this stuff? What […]
  • Adobe threatens to sue Nintendo emulator Delta for its look-alike logo May 20, 2024
    Delta, an emulator that can play Nintendo games, had to change its logo after Adobe threatened legal action. You’d think it would face trouble from Nintendo, seeing as it has been going after emulators these days, but no. It’s Adobe who’s going after the developer, which told TechCrunch that it first received an email from […]
  • Winamp has announced that it is opening up its source code May 20, 2024
    Winamp has announced that on 24 September 2024, the application’s source code will be open to developers worldwide. Winamp will open up its code for the player used on Windows, enabling the entire community to participate in its development. This is an invitation to global collaboration, where developers worldwide can contribute their expertise, ideas, and […]
  • Germany’s Sovereign Tech Fund Now Supporting FFmpeg May 20, 2024
    Following Germany’s Sovereign Tech Fund providing significant funding for GNOME, Rust Coreutils, PHP, a systemd bug bounty, and numerous other free software projects, the FFmpeg multimedia library is the latest beneficiary to this funding from the Germany government. The Sovereign Tech Fund notes that the FFmpeg project is receiving €157,580.00 for 2024 and 2025. An […]
  • People Are Jailbreaking Their PS4s Using Smart TVs May 20, 2024
    Jailbreaking a PlayStation 4 might sound tricky. But actually, all you need nowadays is an LG Smart TV, a few minutes of your time, and the internet. Why would you want to jailbreak a PlayStation 4 console in 2024? There are a few reasons. For one, it opens the console up, letting you freely back […]
  • Top EU court says there is no right to online anonymity, because copyright is more important May 17, 2024
    A year ago, Walled Culture wrote about an extremely important case that was being considered by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), the EU’s top court. The central question was whether the judges considered that copyright was more important than privacy. The bad news is that the CJEU has just decided that […]
  • Device Decodes ‘Internal Speech’ in the Brain May 17, 2024
    Scientists have developed brain implants that can decode internal speech — identifying words that two people spoke in their minds without moving their lips or making a sound. Although the technology is at an early stage — it was shown to work with only a handful of words, and not phrases or sentences — it […]
  • Gene therapy relieves back pain, repairs damaged disc in mice May 17, 2024
    Disc-related back pain may one day meet its therapeutic match: gene therapy delivered by naturally derived nanocarriers that, a new study shows, repairs damaged discs in the spine and lowers pain symptoms in mice. Scientists engineered nanocarriers using mouse connective-tissue cells called fibroblasts as a model of skin cells and loaded them with genetic material […]
  • Flood of Fake Science Forces Multiple Journal Closures May 17, 2024
    Fake studies have flooded the publishers of top scientific journals, leading to thousands of retractions and millions of dollars in lost revenue. The biggest hit has come to Wiley, a 217-year-old publisher based in Hoboken, N.J., which Tuesday will announce that it is closing 19 journals, some of which were infected by large-scale research fraud. […]
  • Patent troll hits Microsoft with $242 million US verdict in Cortana lawsuit May 16, 2024
    Microsoft (MSFT.O) must pay patent owner IPA Technologies $242 million, a federal jury in Delaware said on Friday after determining that Microsoft’s Cortana virtual-assistant software infringed an IPA patent. The jury agreed with IPA after a week-long trial that Microsoft’s voice-recognition technology violates IPA’s patent rights in computer-communications software. IPA is a subsidiary of patent-licensing […]

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