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  • Senator Urges Automakers to Keep Making Cars with AM Radio December 5, 2022
    he Boston Globe reports that U.S. Senator Ed. Markey just sent a letter to more than 20 car manufacturers asking them to continue including AM radios in future car models — including electric vehicles: Some EV manufacturers have raised concerns even as far back as 2016 about how the battery power of an EV can […]
  • Microsoft mistake took down Exchange Online and Teams on 2/12/22 December 5, 2022
    Microsoft’s flagship cloudy productivity services are down across the Asia-Pacific region. “Our initial investigation indicates that there our service infrastructure is performing at a sub-optimal level, resulting in impact to general service functionality” states an advisory time-stamped 12:41PM on December 2. The incident means customers of Exchange Online may not be able to access the […]
  • Crucial Computer Program for Particle Physics at Risk of Obsolescence December 5, 2022
    Recently, I watched a fellow particle physicist talk about a calculation he had pushed to a new height of precision. His tool? A 1980s-era computer program called FORM […] Developed by the Dutch particle physicist Jos Vermaseren, FORM is a key part of the infrastructure of particle physics, necessary for the hardest calculations. However, as […]
  • Grad Students Analyze, Hack, and Remove Under-Desk Surveillance Devices Designed to Track Them – at  a privacy institute! December 5, 2022
    […] graduate students at Northeastern University were able to organize and beat back an attempt at introducing invasive surveillance devices that were quietly placed under desks at their school. Early in October, Senior Vice Provost David Luzzi installed motion sensors under all the desks at the school’s Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex (ISEC), a facility […]
  • RIVM Study: ‘Perception of General Aviation in Netherlands’ December 2, 2022
    The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management wants to know how residents aged 16 and older in the Netherlands experience their living environment. In that context, it was investigated whether people experience nuisance from the noise caused by GA (“small aviation”). T he research shows that people experience little inconvenience from small aircraft. Most of the […]
  • As US, UK Embrace ‘Age Verify Everyone!’ French Data Protection Agency Says Age Verification Is Unreliable And Violates Privacy Rights December 1, 2022
    […] We’ve already spent many, many words explaining how age verification technology is inherently dangerous and actually puts children at greater risk. Not to mention it’s a privacy nightmare that normalizes the idea of mass surveillance, especially for children. But, why take our word for it? The French data protection agency, CNIL, has declared that […]
  • Square Enix paid mobile games To Be Completely Disappeared With Studio Shutdown December 1, 2022
    It’s a lesson that apparently keeps needing to be re-learned over and over again: for far too many types of digital purchases, you simply don’t own the thing you bought. The arena for this perma-lesson are varied: movies, books, music. And, of course, video games. The earliest lesson in that space may have been when […]
  • Scientists simulate ‘baby’ wormhole in quantum computer December 1, 2022
    […] Researchers have announced that they simulated two miniscule black holes in a quantum computer and transmitted a message between them through what amounted to a tunnel in space-time. They said that based on the quantum information teleported, a traversable wormhole appeared to have emerged, but that no rupture of space and time was physically […]
  • LastPass breached again December 1, 2022
    In keeping with our commitment to transparency, I wanted to inform you of a security incident that our team is currently investigating.  We recently detected unusual activity within a third-party cloud storage service, which is currently shared by both LastPass and its affiliate, GoTo. We immediately launched an investigation, engaged Mandiant, a leading security firm, […]
  • Scientists produce nanobodies in plant cells that block emerging pathogens – using plants to grow bodies that block Covid (and more?) December 1, 2022
    Scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) recently announced that plants could be used to produce nanobodies that quickly block emerging pathogens in human medicine and agriculture. These nanobodies represent a promising new way to treat viral diseases, including SARS-CoV-2. Nanobodies are small antibody proteins naturally produced in specific animals […]

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