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  • ChatGPT: Study shows AI can produce academic papers good enough for journals – just as some ban it January 30, 2023
    Some of the world’s biggest academic journal publishers have banned or curbed their authors from using the advanced chatbot, ChatGPT. Because the bot uses information from the internet to produce highly readable answers to questions, the publishers are worried that inaccurate or plagiarized work could enter the pages of academic literature. Several researchers have already […]
  • MusicLM generates music from text descriptions – pretty awesome January 30, 2023
    We introduce MusicLM, a model generating high-fidelity music from text descriptions such as “a calming violin melody backed by a distorted guitar riff”. MusicLM casts the process of conditional music generation as a hierarchical sequence-to-sequence modeling task, and it generates music at 24 kHz that remains consistent over several minutes. Our experiments show that MusicLM […]
  • An ALS patient set a record communicating through a brain implant: 62 words per minute January 30, 2023
    Eight years ago, a patient lost her power of speech because of ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, which causes progressive paralysis. She can still make sounds, but her words have become unintelligible, leaving her reliant on a writing board or iPad to communicate. Now, after volunteering to receive a brain implant, the woman has been […]
  • This teacher has adopted ChatGPT into the syllabus January 30, 2023
    […] Ever since the chatbot ChatGPT launched in November, educators have raised concerns it could facilitate cheating. Some school districts have banned access to the bot, and not without reason. The artificial intelligence tool from the company OpenAI can compose poetry. It can write computer code. It can maybe even pass an MBA exam. One […]
  • ChatGPT Is Now Finding, Fixing Bugs in Code January 30, 2023
    AI bot ChatGPT has been put to the test on a number of tasks in recent weeks, and its latest challenge comes courtesy of computer science researchers from Johannes Gutenberg University and University College London, who find(Opens in a new window) that ChatGPT can weed out errors with sample code and fix it better than […]
  • How The Friedman Doctrine Leads To The Enshittification Of All Things January 28, 2023
    We recently wrote about Cory Doctorow’s great article on how the “enshittification” of social media (mainly Facebook and Twitter) was helping to lower the “switching costs” for people to try something new. In something of a follow up-piece on his Pluralistic site, Doctorow explores the process through which basically all large companies eventually hit the […]
  • Dutch hacker obtained, sold virtually all Austrians’ (and Dutch and Colombian?) personal data January 28, 2023
    A Dutch hacker arrested in November obtained and offered for sale the full name, address and date of birth of virtually everyone in Austria, the Alpine nation’s police said on Wednesday. A user believed to be the hacker offered the data for sale in an online forum in May 2020, presenting it as “the full […]
  • An AI robot lawyer was set to argue in court. Scared lawyers shut it down with jail threats January 28, 2023
    A British man who planned to have a “robot lawyer” help a defendant fight a traffic ticket has dropped the effort after receiving threats of possible prosecution and jail time. Joshua Browder, the CEO of the New York-based startup DoNotPay, created a way for people contesting traffic tickets to use arguments in court generated by […]
  • Wearable Ultrasound Patch size of a stamp Images the Heart in Real-Time January 28, 2023
    A wearable ultrasound imager for the heart that is roughly the size of a postage stamp, can be worn for up to 24 hours, and works even during exercise may one day help doctors spot cardiac problems that current medical technology might miss, a new study finds. Heart disease is the leading cause of death […]
  • Pet food retailer Zooplus hits out at Royal Canin’s ‘excessive’ price increases – and offers customers 10% off its competitors January 26, 2023
    […] Customers have been reporting steep price increases across a number of items from Royal Canin – with one saying her food had increased by £15 for a 10kg bag in less than a year. Zooplus, an online pet food seller that stocks Royal Canin – among other brands – said it did not want […]

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