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  • Planting Undetectable Backdoors in Machine Learning Models March 22, 2023
    […] We show how a malicious learner can plant an undetectable backdoor into a classifier. On the surface, such a backdoored classifier behaves normally, but in reality, the learner maintains a mechanism for changing the classification of any input, with only a slight perturbation. Importantly, without the appropriate “backdoor key,” the mechanism is hidden and […]
  • Whistleblowers Take Note: Don’t Trust Cropping Tools – you can often uncrop them March 22, 2023
    […] It is, in fact, possible to uncrop images and documents across a variety of work-related computer apps. Among the suites that include the ability are Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Acrobat. Being able to uncrop images and documents poses risks for sources who may be under the impression that cropped materials don’t contain […]
  • Amazon Warns Staff Not to Share Confidential Information With ChatGPT March 22, 2023
    […] Soon, an Amazon corporate lawyer chimed in. She warned employees not to provide ChatGPT with “any Amazon confidential information (including Amazon code you are working on),” according to a screenshot of the message seen by Insider. The attorney, a senior corporate counsel at Amazon, suggested employees follow the company’s existing conflict of interest and […]
  • A persistent influence of supernovae on biodiversity March 22, 2023
    The number of exploding stars (supernovae) has significantly influenced marine life’s biodiversity during the last 500 million years. This is the essence of a new study published in Ecology and Evolution by Henrik Svensmark, DTU space.   Extensive studies of the fossil record have shown that the diversity of life forms has varied significantly over […]
  • Ubisoft Ghostwriter: AI to write NPC dialogue March 22, 2023
    […] As games grow bigger in scope, writers are facing the ratcheting challenge of keeping NPCs individually interesting and realistic. How do you keep each interaction with them – especially if there are hundreds of them – distinct? This is where Ghostwriter, an in-house AI tool created by Ubisoft’s R&D department, La Forge, comes in. […]
  • Dashcam App is driving nazi informer wet dream, Sends Video of You Speeding and other infractions Directly to Police March 22, 2023
    Speed cameras have been around for a long time and so have dash cams. The uniquely devious idea of combining the two into a traffic hall monitor’s dream device was not a potential reality until recently, though. According to the British Royal Automobile Club, such a combination is coming soon. The app, which is reportedly […]
  • TSA Confirms Biometric Scanning Soon Won’t Be Optional Even For Domestic Travelers March 21, 2023
    […] In 2017, the DHS began quietly rolling out its facial recognition program, starting with international airports and aimed mainly at collecting/scanning people boarding international flights. Even in its infancy, the DHS was hinting this was never going to remain solely an international affair. It made its domestic desires official shortly thereafter, with the TSA […]
  • Roblox launches its first generative AI game creation tools March 21, 2023
    Last month, Roblox outlined its vision for AI-assisted content creation, imagining a future where Generative AI could help users create code, 3D models and more with little more than text prompts. Now, it’s taking its first steps toward allowing “every user on Roblox to be a creator” by launching its first AI tools: Code Assist […]
  • Big Four publishers move to crush the Internet Archive March 21, 2023
    On Monday four of the largest book publishers asked a New York court to grant summary judgment in a copyright lawsuit seeking to shut down the Internet Archive’s online library and hold the non-profit organization liable for damages. The lawsuit was filed back June 1, 2020, by the Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins Publishers, John Wiley […]
  • US hospital rolls out AI ‘copilot’ for doctors’ paperwork March 21, 2023
    […] The technology, developed by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania startup Abridge, aims to reduce workloads for clinicians and improve care for patients. Shivdev Rao, the company’s CEO and a cardiologist, told The Register doctors can spend hours writing up notes from their previous patient sessions outside their usual work schedules. “That really adds up over time, and […]

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