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  • BYU hologram experts can now create real-life tiny images that move in the air May 11, 2021
      They may be tiny weapons, but BYU’s holography research group has figured out how to create lightsabers — green for Yoda and red for Darth Vader, naturally — with actual luminous beams rising from them. Inspired by the displays of science fiction, the researchers have also engineered battles between equally small versions of the […]
  • Facebook Ordered to Stop German WhatsApp Users’ Data Collection May 11, 2021
    Facebook Inc. was ordered to stop collecting German users’ data from its WhatsApp unit, after a regulator in the nation said the company’s attempt to make users agree to the practice in its updated terms isn’t legal. Johannes Caspar, who heads Hamburg’s privacy authority, issued a three-month emergency ban, prohibiting Facebook from continuing with the […]
  • NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Is Racing Back to Earth With a Scoop of Asteroid Bennu May 11, 2021
    OSIRIS-REx, a NASA spacecraft tasked with collecting rocks and dust from a nearby asteroid named Bennu, is coming back home after almost five years away. The spacecraft, officially named Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer, officially fired its engines to begin its Earthward journey on May 10. Its return trip will take two […]
  • Windows Defender bug fills Windows 10 boot drive with thousands of files May 11, 2021
    A Windows Defender bug creates thousands of small files that waste gigabytes of storage space on Windows 10 hard drives. The bug started with Windows Defender antivirus engine 1.1.18100.5 and will cause the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scans\History\Store folder to be filled up with thousands of files with names that appear to be MD5 hashes. Windows Defender folder filled with […]
  • NHS Digital booking website had unexpected side effect: It leaked people’s jab status May 11, 2021
    An NHS Digital-run vaccine-booking website exposed just how many vaccines individual people had received – and did so with no authentication, according to the Guardian. The booking page, aimed at English NHS patients wanting to book first and second coronavirus jabs, would tell anyone at all whether a named person had had zero, one or […]
  • Flawless Is Using Deepfake Tech to Dub Foreign Films Actors Lips May 11, 2021
    a company called Flawless has created an AI-powered solution that will replace an actor’s facial performance to match the words in a film dubbed for foreign audiences. […] What Flawless is promising to do with its TrueSync software is use the same tools responsible for deepfake videos to manipulate and adjust an actor’s face in […]
  • Scientists Create Record-Breaking Laser With Power of all sunlight reaching earth focussed on a tiny spot May 11, 2021
    After ten years of toiling, the team has demonstrated in a paper published on Thursday in the journal Optica the development of a laser with record-breaking intensity over 10²³ watts per square centimeter. Nam told Motherboard in an email that you can compare the intensity of this laser beam to the combined power of  all […]
  • Russian cyber-spies changed tactics after the UK and US outed their techniques – so here’s a list of those changes May 11, 2021
    Russian spies from APT29 responded to Western agencies outing their tactics by adopting a red-teaming tool to blend into targets’ networks as a legitimate pentesting exercise. Now, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the US warn, the SVR is busy exploiting a dozen critical-rated vulns (including RCEs) in equipment ranging from Cisco routers […]
  • Justice Department Quietly Seized Washington Post Reporters’ Phone Records During Trump Era May 11, 2021
    The Department of Justice quietly seized phone records and tried to obtain email records for three Washington Post reporters, ostensibly over their coverage of then-U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Russia’s role in the 2016 presidential election, according to officials and government letters reviewed by the Post. Justice Department regulations typically mandate that news organizations […]
  • PimEyes: a powerful facial-recognition and finding tool – like Clearview AI but for free May 11, 2021
    You probably haven’t seen PimEyes, a mysterious facial-recognition search engine, but it may have spotted you. If you upload a picture of your face to PimEyes’ website, it will immediately show you any pictures of yourself that the company has found around the internet. You might recognize all of them, or be surprised (or, perhaps, […]

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