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  • India’s New Cyber Law Goes Live: Subtracts Safe Harbor Protections, Adds Compelled Assistance Demands For Intermediaries, Massive surveillance infrastructure February 28, 2021
    New rules for social media companies and other hosts of third-party content have just gone into effect in India. The proposed changes to India’s 2018 Intermediary Guidelines are now live, allowing the government to insert itself into content moderation efforts and make demands of tech companies some simply won’t be able to comply with. Now, […]
  • Sub-diffraction optical writing enables data storage at the nanoscale – on disk February 27, 2021
    The demand to store ever-increasing volumes of information has resulted in the widespread implementation of data centers for Big Data. These centers consume massive amounts of energy (about 3% of global electricity supply) and rely on magnetization-based hard disk drives with limited storage capacity (up to 2 TB per disk) and lifespan (three to five […]
  • Using deep-sea fiber optic cables to detect earthquakes February 27, 2021
    Seismologists at Caltech working with optics experts at Google have developed a method to use existing underwater telecommunication cables to detect earthquakes. The technique could lead to improved earthquake and tsunami warning systems around the world. […] evious efforts to use optical fibers to study seismicity have relied on the addition of sophisticated scientific instruments […]
  • Extension shows the monopoly big tech has on your browsing – you always route your traffic through them February 27, 2021
    A new extension for Google Chrome has made explicit how most popular sites on the internet load resources from one or more of Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon. The extension, Big Tech Detective, shows the extent to which websites exchange data with these four companies by reporting on them. It also optionally blocks sites that […]
  • Apple, forced to rate product repair potential in France, gives itself modest marks – still lying, they should be worse February 27, 2021
    Apple, on its French website, is now publishing repairability scores for its notoriously difficult to repair products, in accordance with a Gallic environmental law enacted a year ago. Cook & Co score themselves on repairability however, and Cupertino kit sometimes fares better under internal interpretation of the criteria [PDF] than it does under ratings awarded […]
  • 1Password has none, KeePass has none… So why are there seven embedded trackers in the LastPass Android app? February 27, 2021
    A security researcher has recommended against using the LastPass password manager Android app after noting seven embedded trackers. The software’s maker says users can opt out if they want. […] The Exodus report on LastPass shows seven trackers in the Android app, including four from Google for the purpose of analytics and crash reporting, as […]
  • Half a million stolen French medical records, lab results, feeble excuses February 27, 2021
    […] Here in France, we’ve just experienced the country’s biggest ever data breach of customer records, involving some half a million medical patients. Worse, the data wasn’t even sold or held to ransom by dark web criminals: it was just given away so that anyone could download it. Up to 60 fields of personal data […]
  • GameStop short-sellers have lost $1.9 billion in just 2 days amid the stock’s latest spike February 26, 2021
    Short sellers lost $664 million on Wednesday as GameStop shares spiked 104% in the final 30 minutes of trading, S3 Partners said.The stock’s 84% intraday gain on Thursday fueled another $1.19 billion in mark-to-market losses. Source: GameStop short-sellers have lost $1.9 billion in just 2 days amid the stock’s latest spike | Markets Insider
  • Use AdNauseum to Block Ads and Confuse Google’s Advertising February 24, 2021
    In an online world in which countless systems are trying to figure out what exactly you enjoy so they can serve you up advertising about it, it really fucks up their profiling mechanisms when they think you like everything. And to help you out with this approach, I recommend checking out the Chrome/Firefox extension AdNauseum. […]
  • Porsche says synthetic fuel can be as clean as EVs February 24, 2021
    In a recent interview with Evo magazine, Porsche VP of Motorsport and GT cars, Dr. Frank Walliser, says that synthetic fuels, also called eFuels, can reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of existing ICE cars by as much as 85 percent. And, he says, when you account for the wheel-to-well impact of manufacturing the EV, it’s […]

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