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  • AOG Technics forged certifications for Jet Engine Parts to at least 4 major airlines, leading to groundings September 26, 2023
    American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines are among a growing list of air carriers that have grounded aircraft in the wake of a fake jet engine parts scandal that has rocked the aviation industry. Multiple have already replaced the uncertified parts and returned their planes to service, but close to 100 planes may still […]
  • Cursed AI | Ken Loach’s 1977 film ‘Star Wars Episode IV – No Hope’ September 26, 2023
    Ken Loach’s 1977 film ‘Star Wars Episode IV – No Hope’. George Lucas was unhappy with Loach’s depressing subject matter combined with there being no actual space scenes (with all the action taking place on a UK council estate). He immediately halted filming, recast many parts (Carrie Fisher replacing Kathy Burke for example), did extensive […]
  • Funky AI-generated spiraling medieval village captivates social media September 26, 2023
    […]a Reddit user named “Ugleh” posted an AI-generated image of a spiral-shaped medieval village that rapidly gained attention on social media for its remarkable geometric qualities. Follow-up posts garnered even more praise, including a tweet with over 145,000 likes. Ugleh created the images using Stable Diffusion and a guidance technique called ControlNet. [….] In June, […]
  • Troy Hunt scours the dark web for your stolen data – a look at HaveIBeenPwned: a 1 man operation September 25, 2023
    […] Have I Been Pwned started life as a hobby project. In fact, Troy wasn’t working in the cybersecurity industry until a chance encounter tweaked his curiosity. […] Hackers had stolen the email addresses and passwords of 152 million of Adobe’s customers in November 2013 — including, as it turned out, Troy’s. Only, he wasn’t […]
  • T-Mobile US exposes some customer data, but don’t say breach September 25, 2023
    T-Mobile US has had another bad week on the infosec front – this time stemming from a system glitch that exposed customer account data, followed by allegations of another breach the carrier denied. According to customers who complained of the issue on Reddit and X, the T-Mobile app was displaying other customers’ data instead of […]
  • ‘Laugh then Think’: Strange Research Honored at 33rd Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony September 25, 2023
    Since 1999, Slashdot has been covering the annual Ig Nobel prize ceremonies — which honor real scientific research into strange or surprising subjects. “Each winner (or winning team) has done something that makes people LAUGH, then THINK,” explains the ceremony web page, promising that “a gaggle of genuine, genuinely bemused Nobel laureates handed the Ig […]
  • E-Paper News Feed Illustrates The Headlines With AI-Generated Images September 24, 2023
    It’s hard to read the headlines today without feeling like the world couldn’t possibly get much worse. And then tomorrow rolls around, and a fresh set of headlines puts the lie to that thought. On a macro level, there’s not much that you can do about that, but on a personal level, illustrating your news […]
  • WhisperFrame Depicts Your Conversations September 24, 2023
    At this point, you gotta figure that you’re at least being listened to almost everywhere you go, whether it be a home assistant or your very own phone. So why not roll with the punches and turn lemons into something like a still life of lemons that’s a bit wonky? What we mean is, why […]
  • EU reinstates $400 million fine on Intel for blocking sales of competing chips September 24, 2023
    The European Commission has imposed a €376.36 million ($400 million) fine on Intel for blocking the sales of devices powered by its competitors’ x86 CPUs. This brings one part of the company’s long-running antitrust court battle with the European authority to a close. If you’ll recall, the Commission slapped the chipmaker with a record-breaking €1.06 […]
  • Parker Probe’s path through solar blast yields unparalleled space weather insights September 24, 2023
    NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has racked up an impressive list of superlatives in its first five years of operations: It’s the closest spacecraft to the sun, the fastest human-made object and the first mission to ever “touch the sun.”   Now, Parker has one more feather to add to its sun-kissed cap: It’s the first […]

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