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  • FBI Director Admits Agency Rarely Has Probable Cause When It Performs Backdoor Searches Of NSA Collections November 27, 2023
    After years of continuous, unrepentant abuse of surveillance powers, the FBI is facing the real possibility of seeing Section 702 curtailed, if not scuttled entirely. Section 702 allows the NSA to gather foreign communications in bulk. The FBI benefits from this collection by being allowed to perform “backdoor” searches of NSA collections to obtain communications […]
  • Former GTA Developer’s Blog Removed After Rockstar Complains November 26, 2023
    Former Rockstar North developer Obbe Vermeij had been enjoying a few weeks of sharing some decades-old tales. Reminiscing on his many years with the GTA developer, Vermeij took to his personal blog to recall revealing inside stories behind games like San Andreas and Vice City, and everyone was having a good time. Until Rockstar North […]
  • Copyright Bot Can’t Tell The Difference Between Star Trek Ship And Adult Film Actress November 26, 2023
    Given that the overwhelming majority of DMCA takedown notices are generated by copyright bots that are only moderately good at their job, at best, perhaps it’s not terribly surprising that these bots keep finding new and interesting ways to cause collateral damage unintentionally. […] a Tumblr site, called “Mapping La Sirena.” If you’re a fan […]
  • Limits for quantum computers: Perfect clocks are impossible, research finds November 26, 2023
    […] Every clock has two fundamental properties: a certain precision and a certain time resolution. The time resolution indicates how small the time intervals are that can be measured—i.e., how quickly the clock ticks. Precision tells you how much inaccuracy you have to expect with every single tick. The research team was able to show […]
  • How to bypass Windows Hello fingerprint login November 26, 2023
    Hardware security hackers have detailed how it’s possible to bypass Windows Hello’s fingerprint authentication and login as someone else – if you can steal or be left alone with their vulnerable device. The research was carried out by Blackwing Intelligence, primarily Jesse D’Aguanno and Timo Teräs, and was commissioned and sponsored by Microsoft’s Offensive Research […]
  • Your Tastebuds Help Tell You When to Stop Eating, New Research Suggests November 26, 2023
    Our mouths might help keep our hunger in check. A recent study found evidence in mice that our brains rely on two separate pathways to regulate our sense of fullness and satiety—one originating from the gut and the other from cells in the mouth that let us perceive taste. The findings could help scientists better […]
  • Toxic air killed more than 500,000 people in EU in 2021, data shows November 26, 2023
    Dirty air killed more than half a million people in the EU in 2021, estimates show, and about half of the deaths could have been avoided by cutting pollution to the limits recommended by doctors. The researchers from the European Environment Agency attributed 253,000 early deaths to concentrations of fine particulates known as PM2.5 that […]
  • Ubisoft blames ‘technical error’ for showing pop-up ads in Assassin’s Creed November 26, 2023
    Ubisoft is blaming a “technical error” for a fullscreen pop-up ad that appeared in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey this week. Reddit users say they spotted the pop-up on Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game, with an ad appearing just when you navigate to the map screen. “This is disgusting to experience while playing,” remarked one […]
  • A new way to predict ship-killing rogue waves, more importantly: to see how an AI finds its results November 26, 2023
    […] In a paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a group of researchers led by Dion Häfner, a computer scientist at the University of Copenhagen, describe a clever way to make AI more understandable. They have managed to build a neural network, use it to solve a tricky problem, and then capture […]
  • EU Parliament adopts Right to Repair law with broad support November 22, 2023
    […] At the Parliament’s plenary session in Strasbourg, the right to repair was adopted with 590 votes in favour. The legislative file, first presented by the EU Commission in March, aims to support the European Green Deal targets by increasing incentives for a circular economy, such as making repair a more attractive option than replacement […]

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