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  • Peer-to-peer takes on a whole new meaning when used to spy on 3.7 million or more cameras, other IoT gear August 12, 2020
    More than 3.7 million. That’s the latest number of surveillance cameras, baby monitors, doorbells with webcams, and other internet-connected devices found left open to hijackers via two insecure communications protocols globally, we’re told. This is up from estimates of a couple of million last year. The protocols are CS2 Network P2P, used by more than […]
  • Trump says TikTok will be banned if not sold by Sept. 15, demands cut of sale fee because he made the deal possible. Extortion much? August 9, 2020
    President Trump said Monday that TikTok will be shut down in the U.S. if it hasn’t been bought by Microsoft or another company by Sept. 15, and argued — without elaborating — that the U.S. Treasury should get “a very substantial portion” of the sale fee. Why it matters: Trump appears to have backed off […]
  • Leaky AWS S3 buckets are so common, they’re being found by the thousands now – with lots of buried secrets August 9, 2020
    Misconfigured AWS S3 storage buckets exposing massive amounts of data to the internet are like an unexploded bomb just waiting to go off, say experts. The team at Truffle Security said its automated search tools were able to stumble across some 4,000 open Amazon-hosted S3 buckets that included data companies would not want public – […]
  • Windows 10: HOSTS file blocking telemetry is now flagged as a risk August 9, 2020
    Starting at the end of July, Microsoft has begun detecting HOSTS files that block Windows 10 telemetry servers as a ‘Severe’ security risk. The HOSTS file is a text file located at C:\Windows\system32\driver\etc\HOSTS and can only be edited by a program with Administrator privileges. […] Microsoft now detects HOSTS files that block Windows telemetry Since […]
  • Hacker leaks passwords for 900+ enterprise Pulse VPN servers August 9, 2020
    A hacker has published today a list of plaintext usernames and passwords, along with IP addresses for more than 900 Pulse Secure VPN enterprise servers. ZDNet, which obtained a copy of this list with the help of threat intelligence firm KELA, verified its authenticity with multiple sources in the cyber-security community. According to a review, […]
  • 400 faults found in Qualcomm chips powering your mobile phone with big implications August 9, 2020
    With over 3 billion users globally, smartphones are an integral, almost inseparable part of our day-to-day lives. As the mobile market continues to grow, vendors race to provide new features, new capabilities and better technological innovations in their latest devices. To support this relentless drive for innovation, vendors often rely on third parties to provide […]
  • New York unveils landmark antitrust bill that makes it easier to sue tech giants August 9, 2020
    New York state is introducing a bill that would make it easier to sue big tech companies for alleged abuses of their monopoly powers. New York is America’s financial center and one of its most important tech hubs. If successfully passed, the law could serve as a model for future legislation across the country. It […]
  • Our Solar System’s Magnetic Sheild (Heliosphere) is Shaped like a croissant August 9, 2020
    All the planets of our solar system are encased in a magnetic bubble, carved out in space by the Sun’s constantly outflowing material, the solar wind. Outside this bubble is the interstellar medium — the ionized gas and magnetic field that fills the space between stellar systems in our galaxy. One question scientists have tried […]
  • Lawmakers Ask California DMV How It Makes $50 Million a Year Selling Drivers’ Data August 9, 2020
    A group of nearly a dozen lawmakers led by member of Congress Anna Eshoo wrote to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on Wednesday looking for answers on how and why the organization sells the personal data of residents. The letter comes after Motherboard revealed last year that the DMV was making $50 million […]
  • Germany plans to dim lights at night to save insects August 9, 2020
    In a draft law seen by AFP, the country’s environment ministry has drawn up a number of new measures to protect insects, ranging from partially outlawing spotlights to increased protection of natural habitats. “Insects play an important role in the ecosystem…but in Germany, their numbers and their diversity has severely declined in recent years,” reads […]

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