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What do you as a manager need to know about IT now that you're in charge of a project? How do you choose: to cloud or not to cloud? What has happened recently in the security field, what kind of breaches have there been and how have they been (mis) handled? What kind of impact do GDPR and the EU Cybersecurity direcive have on your business?

Edgar BV places great emphasis on the esoteric effects of technology on society. The right to a fair deal ranks high and so topics as transparency, privacy, advocacy, free and open markets and the importance of working together are raised frequently.

Some Videos

Working in ICT

What does a job in ICT entail and what studies does the LOI offer? (NL)

Working at home: COVID

DARQA RQA 2021 European Symposium QA The Future of Quality

Monopolies in Tech

Does antitrust work on the Big Tech companies?

Security the EU way

How to prevent the EU from becoming the worlds largest botnet

Is FOSS dying? Why?

Developers have no income (thanks, fanatics!) and high stress

Laws, trust, governance

The information economy is being run by commercial pirates with no oversight

Docker or Distro?

Docker is supposed to be easy - it usually isn't

Multipath routing

Mobile up, satellite down. Iprouting magic!

Need a speaker? Want to understand how IT can work for you?

From discussing societal issues to technical workshops, we can explain complex issues in reasonably easy language that non-nerds can understand

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